Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos


These photos are of a recent commercial fire job completed by SERVPRO of Dekalb County. The building owner had contacted the SERVPRO crews based on a referral f... READ MORE

Garage fire in Rochelle, IL

A fire started from a short in the garage and burnt up about 80% of the garage and did damage to the car sitting in the driveway as seen in the photo. There wa... READ MORE

Fire damage in Oregon, IL

A cigarette that had fallen in a crack at the edge of the porch ignited the brush in the crack and quickly caused more damage up the wall of the apartment compl... READ MORE

A kitchen fire in Dekalb, IL

A fire had started in the house and left soot damage throughout the house and destroyed part of the kitchen. They contacted SERVPRO of Dekalb County to come in ... READ MORE

Grease fire in Rochelle, IL

While cooking dinner the fire from the stove ignited a can of grease next to the stove and quickly got out of control. The fire department arrived quickly befor... READ MORE

Dekalb, IL home fire dirties house

There was a fire that started in the wall from an electrical short but was put out quickly once the fire department arrived. Like many fires the soot and smoke ... READ MORE

Rock Falls home has garage fire

A home in Rock Falls had a fire start in their garage from a wire short. The garage was completely destroyed and part of the wall connected to the house but for... READ MORE