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Offering a No charge service??

10/23/2018 (Permalink)

I had met a representative from SERVPRO of DeKalb County at a recent community function. We got to speaking about what services they provide and how that could help our small machine shop. Their marketing representative said that she thought an ERP would be a great thing to start between us. As she explained what an ERP was I was thinking its a great service but man our budget is tight. Then she said the magic words to a small business owner! NO CHARGE! wait what? I had her repeat it and she just smiled and said yes SERVPRO comes in and collects the information and takes the photos for no charge. We then let the client access the information for no charge also. Well I was so impressed that I set a time for her to come right away. I was a bit skeptical but you know what it went off just as she had said. We now have a plan in place and have given access to the right people. I have to say this is what I call a "no brainer" to all small business owners.