Recent Before & After Photos

What do you do when the freezer, freezes!!?

We have had to work in different warehouse situations due to liquids. We have had to extract water, sewage and even cooking oil. However, this job was a bit dif... READ MORE

Commercial jobs are complex; fires make them even harder

Commercial jobs are complex. Fires have lots of issues. Fires in the kitchen of a commercial kitchen can really make things complex. Without the knowledge and e... READ MORE

Sump Pump Failure in Deklab

After a sudden, heavy rain storm, your Dekalb home could experience a sump pump failure. Because of SERVPRO of Dekalb's 24-hour emergency response service, we w... READ MORE

A Total Transformation from Water Damage

It’s easy for problems to arise when your rental property is unoccupied. In this case, an unnoticed leak from the upstairs caused severe water damage to t... READ MORE

Community Board Up

At SERVPRO of De Kalb County, we've recently helped local areas with board ups that were effected by recent fires. SERVPRO always strives to be as quick as poss... READ MORE

Business Cleaning

SERVPRO of De Kalb County recently cleaned the interior and exterior of business that needed a good spring cleaning! Wear and tear as well weather played a part... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning

This local bowling alley needed to a deep carpet clean, this photo shows how many stains we took out of their high traffic area where they host parties every da... READ MORE

Helping out the local thrift store

Our local thrift store is a non profit that helps the less fortunate in the community. They are located in a part of town that unfortunately gets a lot of vanda... READ MORE

Kitchen floor water damage

These before and after are of a water job for a client of SERVPRO of De Kalb county. The dishwasher continued to fill and flooded the kitchen and in turn damage... READ MORE


These photos are of a recent commercial fire job completed by SERVPRO of Dekalb County. The building owner had contacted the SERVPRO crews based on a referral f... READ MORE