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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Board Up Services

SERVPRO of De Kalb County was contacted by the local authorities in regards to assisting a home owner after a break in occurred. The property was currently vac... READ MORE

Broken Water Line on Conference Room Sink

Late on a Saturday Night the bank officers were contacted by the local fire department about an alarm going off at the bank. When they arrived they found that a... READ MORE

Basement in a Home For Sale

A local realtor contacted us and needed help fast. She was set to close on the home but due to the mold in the basement it wouldn't pass home inspection. She re... READ MORE

100 year flood affects a small business

In early August of 2017 the small town Rochelle Experienced what they are calling the 100 year flood in the area. The local National Bank owns a strip center an... READ MORE

Tornado in May 2017

In May of 2017 a E3 tornado tore thru the town of Ottawa in Northern IL. Many structure sustained damage and some severe. SERVPRO of De Kalb County was called i... READ MORE

Moldy basement in Rochelle, IL

A church in Rochelle, IL had water damage through windows and walls leaving mold throughout it. Some places were considerably worse than others. This photo is f... READ MORE

Cleaning needed in Harmon, IL Grainery

A large farm complex in Harmon was having problems with pigeons that had got inside one of their storage bins. Being their was corn remains in their they natura... READ MORE

Sterling, IL church has water leak

A Pastor in Sterling came in to the church and noticed the wet carpets in the choir area. He then called SERVPRO of Dekalb County to come in and get them dried ... READ MORE

Dirty Carpets in Rochelle, IL church

A large church in Rochelle had multiple rooms with carpets that had gotten stained from traffic, food and the elements and wanted to get them back to as close a... READ MORE

Waterman, IL church basement flooded

A church in Waterman had basement flooding several times and were taking care of the cause of the flooding. As this was happening mold was growing and running r... READ MORE

Dekalb, IL apartment complex pool floods

An apartment complex for housing students going to NIU had their pool area flood. They had replaced a main valve and the new valve was faulty and broke creating... READ MORE

Rock Falls home has garage fire

A home in Rock Falls had a fire start in their garage from a wire short. The garage was completely destroyed and part of the wall connected to the house but for... READ MORE

Dekalb, IL home fire dirties house

There was a fire that started in the wall from an electrical short but was put out quickly once the fire department arrived. Like many fires the soot and smoke ... READ MORE

Grease fire in Rochelle, IL

While cooking dinner the fire from the stove ignited a can of grease next to the stove and quickly got out of control. The fire department arrived quickly befor... READ MORE

A kitchen fire in Dekalb, IL

A fire had started in the house and left soot damage throughout the house and destroyed part of the kitchen. They contacted SERVPRO of Dekalb County to come in ... READ MORE

Mold issues in Dekalb, IL

A garage in Dekalb, IL was having moisture issues in their garage which was causing mold throughout it. The family was concerned that the mold spores would get ... READ MORE

Moldy Attic in Sycamore, IL

This attic in Sycamore, IL had an issue with water coming in near the peak of the roof and was then causing moisture issues throughout the rest of the attic. Mo... READ MORE

Extensive mold in Cortland, IL

This home in Cortland had water coming into the basement level and had come in through the walls and had the mold had spread through out the entire basement an... READ MORE

Moldy basement in Rochelle, IL

The homeowners contacted SERVPRO of Dekalb County after experiencing mold issues in their basement. They had noticed mold on the paneling in their basement. The... READ MORE

Heavy rains cause issues in Sandwich, IL

There was large amounts of rainfall in the spring that caused quite a bit of flooding in northern Illinois. One area that was heavily affected was in Sandwich, ... READ MORE

Tornado hits Fairdale, IL

An EF-4 tornado touched down in Illinois and rolled across the countryside for 45+ miles. Fairdale was the most populous place it hit and destroyed many homes t... READ MORE

Wind damage to home in Rochelle, IL

A tornado that had passed through the area did damage to several homes. This home had multiple problems from the storm. The front windows had branches and debri... READ MORE

Roof leak in Dixon, IL

A leaky roof in Dixon was pooling water on the ceiling of this house and eventually enough water caused the ceiling to break in this bedroom. They had a couple ... READ MORE

Humid house issues in Rochelle, IL

This particular house had problems with a basement that often flooded and had humidity problems throughout the house. As seen in the before photo the humidity c... READ MORE

Fire damage in Oregon, IL

A cigarette that had fallen in a crack at the edge of the porch ignited the brush in the crack and quickly caused more damage up the wall of the apartment compl... READ MORE

Flooded basement in Rock Falls, IL

A family in Rock Falls had woke up to discover their basement had flooded during the night. The heavy rains had kept the drain from letting all the water get ou... READ MORE

Busted Pipe in Seneca, IL

A family in Seneca had turned off the heat when they were selling their house. The temperature dropped for winter and the pipes ended up freezing and had cracke... READ MORE

Tornado damage in Kings, IL

A tornado touched down and moved across the countryside damaging and destroying several homes. This house it fortunately passed far away enough from to not tota... READ MORE

Sewer backup in Sterling, IL

A home in Sterling had there sewer backup into their basement. With sewer backups there is potential for it to be more than just and water backing up into the h... READ MORE

Garage fire in Rochelle, IL

A fire started from a short in the garage and burnt up about 80% of the garage and did damage to the car sitting in the driveway as seen in the photo. There wa... READ MORE

Storms flood basement in Steward, IL

Heavy spring rains flooded this basement where it was almost 2 inches deep in places in the basement. The basement did have a sump pump but at some point the pu... READ MORE


Photos are of a recent mold job completed for a client by SERVPRO of De Kalb County. It was a stand up shower in the basement of the clients home. They were ver... READ MORE

Mold in Basement

These photos are from a mold job completed by the crews from SERVPRO of Dekalb County for a repeat client. She is a realtor and has used SERVPRO for several job... READ MORE